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About Enid

Enid and Her Bike

I have been an artist ever since I can remember. I have a BFA in illustration from Syracuse University where I minored in creative writing...and that has been my life--drawing always, writing now and then.

I fell in love with drawing the city when I lived in Chicago where I first became known for my pen and ink drawings with a touch of color. Since 1976 I have enjoyed living and drawing in the metropolitan DC area. You'll find my other interests in my artwork, like yoga, biking, cats, dogs, and community.

A lot of my poems and stories for children have been published. I have been a publisher of my own calendar "DC Doings" in the past.

I have been very honored in my career, but the biggest honor is getting to do what I love--creating artwork for you. Thank you!

Enid & Bill

My webmaster Bill Yancey helped me create this web site.

(More current photographs coming someday.)